The Christmas Update!

So we are pushing another update today for the Christmas break! I was not able to get as much in as I would have liked (I don't think this is ever the case). So In this devlog I will cover what we have done, and then what I am planning on going over after our christmas break.

  • Player projectile height has been adjusted. Basically this means that rather than projectiles shooting directly at the ground where a mouse click event has occurred, the projectile will pass slightly above. Let us know how it feels!

  • Skill point system! A let’s player commented on how there's no point to kill the enemies! And you know what he was right! To fix this allow me to present you with the skill point system. Simply put kill enemies get exp. Once you have enough exp you gain a skill point that then can be spent in the skill tree.

  • This brings us to the skill tree. Right now it’s not the most glamorous but I only wanted to include the most stable skills for the update. Spend your points on the skills you want to unlock the next level of that branch of the tree. Each new level costs more points than the previous. This is most likely game breaking right now but balancing will come.

  • Environment Shaders. I have updated the environment shaders to make things feel a bit more lively. I will be touching it up here and there the environment is always being reworked and tweaked.

  • Bernard! Our latest enemy. He’s big, he’s tough, and he loves you dearly.

  • There could be other goodies that I simply forgot about such as was the new water update in the last update or this one? I’m not sure. Trees fade if you are behind them also. Sometimes I forget these things forgive me!

In the new year I plan on finishing up the skill tree, I also want to make buildings explorable, I will be adding “ghosts” of the old world, the Patreon graveyard, polishing some animations. I am hesitating on starting new levels in till we achieve a really solid level of polish just to make the world expansion simpler on my end. With that I hope you all enjoy the update and have a wonderful holiday!

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