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There was a time when humans and nature lived in harmony. 

Green grass, trees full of colour, clear water and a bright sun beating down on earth. 

Everything was full of peace. Until one day... That all changed.

Fear entered the hearts of the people. The earth fell into mayhem. Cities destroyed, towns ripped apart, nature lost all colour, abominations roamed the world. The automatons created to assist with everyday tasks were left to rust away. Everything was lost. The world was a wasteland. 

The earth needed a hero.

That's why you were awoken...


The Lost Gardens is an action adventure game where the end goal is to save the world from fear. The game contains real time random encounters, puzzles and lots more! Come join The Caretaker and companion as they explore the wasteland of what used to be earth in attempt to regain what once was before fear reigned.

Install instructions

  • Download The Lost Gardens Alpha on PC or MAC
  • Unzip the file
  • Click on TLG.IO.exe 
  • Enjoy!


The Lost Gardens Alpha 1.9.2 (PC) (116 MB)
The Lost Gardens Alpha 1.9.2 (Mac) (123 MB)
The Lost Gardens Alpha 1.9.2 (Linux) (119 MB)

Development log


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I will take another look.  None of the videos I have seen show the cursor so I had no  indication it may have been a Mac issue. 

As for the movement, when I have time I will review it again and see if I can elaborate on specifics. 

Thank you very much for letting us know about this issue! We appreciate it a lot.  All feedback we can get is awesome :)

I have downloaded and tried the Alpha. 

I enjoyed the Artwork, dialogue and premise. 

I DID NOT ENJOY  the HUGE cursor. I would highly recommend you consider drastically reducing its size.

I found movement, especially when jumping on platforms to be problematic as it is not as smooth as it could be.

Other than those two great job.

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Hey!  Thanks for trying The Lost Gardens. 

We are glad you enjoyed! The game has since been updated to 1.9.0 since you played. 

We have had a bug where the cursor is abnormally large on the Mac builds and I believe that is a bug you might be having. We will look into fixing that.

As for the movement, if you could go into a little bit more detail that would be awesome and we would be happy to try out some changes. 

Thanks again! 


Hey again, we just updated the build. Hopefully it fixes the cursor issue.

Deleted post

I saw the dev`s working on this game since a few good months ago and they seem very passionate about it ,  i enjoy to see the progress. Good luck !


Thanks! :D